About Us

Real Bulland JSc is a new project for investments in agricultural land by the team that created and managed one of the successful agricultural investment funds in Bulgaria in the period 2005-2012 - Bulland Investments JSc. The project is based on the analysis of the development of the agricultural land market in Bulgaria during the past 7-8 years and the outlook for its development during the coming 5-7 years, as well as the global trends in the agricultural business.

The team has an extensive experience in the management of investment funds, including ones investing in agricultural land, and has an established network of agents and partners in the country, which is a requirement for the realization of a project for investments in agricultural land in Bulgaria.

The activities of the company are strictly limited to the acquisition of agricultural land, which is used for agricultural production, to the renting out or leasing to agricultural producers as well as the selling of concentrated and consolidated land. The By-laws of Real Bulland JSc lists an eight-year period of existence of the company. The management team plans to provide financing for the realization of the project through an initial public offering of stock. After the successful increase of the stock of the company, it will be included for trading in the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia JSc. The basic investment aim of Real Bulland JSc is to provide its stock holders a growing value of their stocks and current income through dividend payouts.